Landowners can take steps to prevent public rights of way being established across their land or their land being registered as a town or village green.


Guidance for the completion of form CA16


Cost of application types
Application type Fee Additional parcel fee
Section 31(6) Highways Act 1980 application £316.64 £177.76
Section 15A(1) Commons Act 2006 application £399.96 £266.64
Joint S31(6) and S15A(1) application £399.96 £266.64

We have revised our S31(6) Highways Act application fees in light of The Commons (Registration of Town or Village Greens) and Dedicated Highways (Landowner Statements and Declarations) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2016.

How to make a landowner statement or declaration

Download and fill in form CA16

Clock Completing this form takes around 1 hour.

Download form

After you've submitted your statement

We publish every application on this website, make a paper register, and place notices on site.

Current CA17 notices and plans

  • None

Landowner statements register

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