Table of documents submitted
Document Ref (D) Name of document Submitted by Matter when submitted
ID1 Employment Supply by Sub-Area (addition to EX12) Kirklees Council Matter 2
ID1.1 Employment supply by Sub-area Kirklees Council Matter 2
ID2 Updated Table A2 of the Housing Supply Topic Paper (September 2017) (EX30) Kirklees Council Matter 2
ID3 Dwellings by Settlement (Appendix 2 of the Housing Technical Paper) (April 2017) (SD23) which takes account of 2016/17 completions/commitments data (A-Z and settlement order) Kirklees Council Matter 2
ID4 Table D4 of the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SD18) Kirklees Council Matter 3
ID5 How Much help is Help to Buy CPRE Matter 3
ID6 DCLG Evaluation of the Help to Buy Equity Loan Scheme - February 2016 Lichfields Matter 3
ID7 Amendment to EX30.1 Housing Supply Topic Paper (Sept 17) Kirklees Council Matter 4
ID8 Note on Affordable Housing Kirklees Council Matter 5
ID9 Kirklees Economic Strategy & unemployment rate Kirklees Council Matter 5
ID10 Greenbelt review at Kirkheaton Kirklees Council Matter 8
ID11 Letter to the Council dated 18 October requesting the Inspector to recommend Modifications. Request under section 20(7) (C) of the Town & Country Planning Act 2004 Kirklees Council Matter 1
ID12 Opening Statement from Kirklees Council Kirklees Council Matter 1
ID13 Additional Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) scenarios (October 2017) Kirklees Council Matter 3
ID14 Ref: APP/Z4718/W/16/3147937 Land off New Lane, Cleckheaton, BD19 6LG Kirklees Council Matter 8
ID15 Appeal Ref: APP/Z4718/W/16/3162164 Land off White Lee Road, Batley, West Yorkshire Kirklees Council Matter 8
ID16 Nomis Graph (This document is available from the Programme Officer) Mrs Dale Matter 6
ID17 Green Belt Review (SD19) Test 2d: Reassessment Kirklees Council Matter 8
ID18 MTC Highways Objection Morley Town Council Matter 34
ID19 Optima Report on Bradley Bar Roundabout Optima Highways Matter 30
ID20 E1832c Council response on camera lens & landscape visuals Kirklees Council Matter 27
ID21 H2684a Clarification of land ownership Peacock and Smith Matter 30
ID21a Further clarification of land ownership Kirklees Council Matter 30
ID22 E1832c TGP response on camera lens & landscape visuals TGP Landscape Architects Matter 27
ID23 Historic England - the setting of heritage assets Historic England Matter 27
ID24 Dialogue between Inspector & Historic England Historic England Matter 37
ID25 Dialogue between Inspector and Sport England Sport England Matter 30
ID26 Sites H2730a and H2684a - additional heritage impact evidence (redacted) GAIL and other local residents Matter 30
ID27 Analysis of timetable of site delivery Vernon Properties Matter 4
ID28 Lichfields analysis of 5 year housing calculation Lichfields Matter 4
ID29 Scholes Future Group - Additional representations - May 2018 Scholes Future Group Matter 44
ID30 Analysis of council's standard lead in times for housing delivery Vernon Properties Matter 4
ID31 Dewsbury Riverside Viability Assumptions - May 2018 (Redacted) Spawforths Matter 34
ID32 Dewsbury Riverside Developer Note - May 2018 (Redacted) Spawforths Matter 34
ID33 Dewsbury Riverside Local Centre Note - May 2018 (Redacted) Spawforths Matter 34
ID34 ME3324 ME2568 - Evidence of water collection Fiona Hartley Matter 11
ID35 UV study Extract of mineral site appraisals for Core Strategy inc standoff from River Dearne Kirklees Council Matter 11
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