During the course of the Examination in Public the Inspector has accepted additional evidence submitted by participants. In some cases, the Inspector specifically sought comments from participants on certain documents. These documents, together with the responses recieved where relevant, are available to view below. The Inspector will be taking these documents, and the responses, fully into account and is not asking for any further comments on these documents.

Stage 1 Hearings (ST1)
Stage 3 Hearings (ST3)
Stage 4 Hearings (ST4)
Huddersfield (HD1) - ID25
Huddersfield (HD2) - ID26
Huddersfield (HD3) - EX70 and EX74
Dewsbury (DB) - ID18
Batley (BT1) - SC013
Batley (BT2) - ID24 (H442) and EX59
General (GN) Covering EX75/EX69/EX78/EX79 land supply and delivery information
Additional information for public viewing (PB)