This public consultation has now closed, this was the consultation draft version of the Hot Food Takeaway SPD. It was adopted at cabinet on 21 September 2022, the adopted version can be found on Adopted Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) | Kirklees Council page.

This SPD seeks to provide support for applicants hoping to open a new business premises of this type in Kirklees, by guiding them through all relevant issues that might affect their application. The changes in guidance would affect the locations where planning permission can be granted for selling takeaway hot food. The new rules would generally apply to proposals for brand new hot food takeaways as opposed to existing ones. However, there are instances where they would impact takeaways already trading in hot food, if business owners wanted to vary any planning condition on their existing permissions, for example by extending their opening times in affected areas.

About the SPD

One of the main aims of these changes is to improve the overall health and wellbeing of Kirklees residents. The SPD includes new guidance around selling takeaway hot food near schools. This is particularly important, as in Kirklees, around one in four reception-age children are clinically overweight; this number rises to one in three by the age of 11. As well as health impacts, the new guidance recognises the large role of hot food takeaways in town centres and other key areas across Kirklees, and the need for these areas to offer variety for residents, visitors and businesses.

By limiting the number of businesses of this type in one area, Kirklees Council can further promote vibrant, varied town centres with a wide range of businesses and offerings. This ensures there's something for everyone in these key areas, thereby encouraging more footfall and supporting local high streets as a whole.

The council also aims to limit the impact of hot food takeaways on people living and working in the area by providing guidance on issues relating to highway safety, noise and odours, waste disposal and community safety.

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