A call for sites was undertaken to inform the Kirklees Local Plan which was adopted 27 February 2019. The call for sites remains open and continues to allow interested parties including landowners and developers to inform the council of potential development sites to be considered for inclusion in area action plans, future Local Plan reviews and other relevant planning documents.

How to submit a site

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 15 minutes

Paperclip To submit a site you must provide an Ordnance Survey based site plan, preferably at a 1:1250 scale or at least 1:2500. This plan should clearly show the site boundary outlined in red.

Inform us

After you've submitted a site

New sites will be considered as part of future plan making reviews and updates. Proposing a site at this stage does not necessarily mean that it will be allocated in any future development plans. The choice of sites to be included in development plans will be made at a later stage of the process involving full consultation with local people, businesses, other groups and organisations.

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