Budget 2020-2021 - a year of investment

Kirklees Council has revealed major investment plans for regeneration, tackling climate change and achieving outstanding children's services.

The Budget 2020-2021 explains how the council will continue to deliver services over the next financial year within its Budget but also highlights three key priority areas the council will invest in.

Over the next year Kirklees Council plans to further invest in places, tackling climate change and achieving outstanding children's services.

Cllr Shabir Pandor, Leader of Kirklees Council, said:

"We are the seventh lowest funded council in the country, per head of the population. We don't get a fair deal but we will never let this get in the way of our ambition for Kirklees.

"It is more important than ever that the money we do have in our Budget is invested in the right areas and the work we're doing must truly benefit our residents and communities. That's what this budget is all about and I'm proud to present it."

Investing in our places

  • £15million extra on unclassified roads.
  • £68million extra for Huddersfield and Dewsbury town centre regeneration.
  • £10million for regeneration and greening of our smaller towns and villages.
  • £500,000 on local priorities such as tidying streets and other local initiatives.
  • £370,000 to maintain our library offer.

Tackling climate change

  • £750,000 to plant more trees.
  • £2.4million to double the size of the council's electric vehicle fleet.
  • £2million to increase recycling.
  • £2million a year to invest in cycling, walking and sustainable travel projects.
  • £14.6million for a Huddersfield heat network.

Building outstanding children's services

  • £6million extra for high needs education.
  • £600,000 into youth services.
  • £800,000 extra into therapies for children in our care system.
  • £170,000 extra for foster carers via the Mockingbird programme.
  • £400,000 extra in domestic abuse services.

Other investments

  • £8million for adult social care.
  • £50,000 on free digital autopsies for children who pass away.
  • £300,000 to better support ward members to support residents.

Equality impact assessments

We know the changes we are talking about will affect some groups of residents more than others. When thinking about our budget options, we always consider what they could mean for different communities. We recognise that our community is made up of people with varying needs, and we believe it's important to consider a range of views when planning your council's budget.

The equality impact assessments help us understand the potential impact of our budget options for people. We will also be talking to specific groups about what this could mean for them as part of this consultation.

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