Budget 2022-23

The council's budget for 2022-23 was decided at Full Council on Wednesday 16 February 2022. Decision details: Budget 2022-23

Equality impact assessments

We know the changes we are talking about will affect some groups of residents more than others. When thinking about our budget options, we always consider what they could mean for different communities. We recognise that our community is made up of people with varying needs, and we believe it's important to consider a range of views when planning your council's budget.

The equality impact assessments help us understand the potential impact of our budget options for people. We will also be talking to specific groups about what this could mean for them as part of this consultation.

Previous budgets

Summaries of accounts

Statements of accounts

Public notice - Delay in publishing audited Statement of Accounts: Year Ended 31 March 2022

Draft statement of accounts 2021-2022

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