Public rights of way are highways that are protected by law, which are recorded on the Definitive Map and Statement.

Changes to the Definitive Map and Statement can only be made by a legal order.

Types of order

These include:

Public Path Orders (PPO)

For example:

  • Diversion under section 119 of the Highways Act 1980, where the order is in the interest of the landowner or the public.
  • Diversion under section 257 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, to allow for development to take place. This would normally be used where a planning permission has been granted which would require a change to the public right of way.

Definitive Map Modification Orders (DMMO)

Definitive Map Modification orders under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 may add, delete, upgrade or downgrade a right of way, or may vary the particulars of the record.

Preliminary consultations and investigations

Unless otherwise indicated, send comments to:

Carr Mount 201, Kirkheaton - Investigation of application to record a public footpath between Liley Lane and Carr Mount, Kirkheaton
Meltham 70, Wilshaw - Investigation into an application to modify the Definitive Map and Statement
Holmfirth 60 - Wolfstones Heights Farm, Upperthong - Investigation into the width
Spenborough 110, former Spen Valley Leisure Centre, Liversedge - Amended diversion proposal
Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Section 257 Proposed stopping up and provision of alternative footpaths at Kenmore Drive, Kenmore View, Milton Terrace and Rooks Avenue, Cleckheaton
Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Section 257 Proposed of public footpath Batley 40 at Howley Walk, Soothill
Kirkburton 186 (part) and 145 (part) Folly Hall, Cross Lane, Shelley

Formal orders

Unless otherwise indicated, send objections or representations to:

  • Legal Governance and Monitoring
  • Address Kirklees Council, 2nd Floor, High Street Buildings, Huddersfield, HD1 2ND
  • Email
Department for Transport Public Footpath Holmfirth 60 (part) at Wolfstones Heights Farm Stopping Up Y&H4337
Colne Valley 253 - Cellars Clough, Marsden Public Path Modification Order
Clayton Fields, Edgerton Modification Order 477, 478, 479, 480, 481 and 482
Clayton Fields Edgerton, Town & Country Planning Act 1990 section 257 - Proposed modified extinguishment order
Heckmondwike 20 and 21
Holmfirth Restricted Byway 231 - Bridge Lane Holmfirth
Spenborough 133
Holmfirth 146 (Part) at Millshaw Farm Millshaw, Hepworth
Colne Valley 198 (Part) at Owlers Farm, Manchester Road, Marsden
Spenborough 110, former Spen Valley Leisure Centre, Liversedge - Amended Diversion Order
Holmfirth 60 - Wolfstones Road to Brown Hill, Netherthong
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