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Proposed PSPOs

Yateholme area PSPO Number 1 of 2021

Last date when objections can be made by is 24th May 2021.

Reference number is D21-001PSPO.

Send objections to:

No deposit documents are available for inspection during the COVID-19 period.

If required you can contact or phone 01484 221000 and ask for Michelle Donnell for a copy to be delivered by post.

Active PSPOs

Fines for breaching a dog control PSPO

  • Fixed penalty notice of £150.00
  • Failure to pay the fixed penalty notice may lead to prosecution
  • Maximum fine is £1000 from the Magistrate's Court

Dog fouling orders

You must immediately remove dog foul from any land that the public have access to (except for marshland, woodland and moorland).

You can dispose of dog dirt in council litter bins, provided you have put it in a bag first.

Dog lead orders

Dogs have to be on a lead:

  • on Kirklees maintained road and pavements
  • in car parks
  • on bowling greens
  • on allotments
  • in cemeteries and crematoria
  • on sports grounds when sports activities are taking place
  • at Castle Hill between 1 March and 31 July (because of ground nesting birds)

Dogs can be exercised off the lead in parks and open spaces in Kirklees, though some are designated "Dogs on Lead by Request".

For instance if there is an event happening, or if your dog is being a nuisance or a danger, an authorised official can ask you to put your dog on a lead.

The lead must be not more than 2 metres and the dog should be under control.

Dog exclusion area orders

Dogs are excluded from certain fenced areas such as children's play areas, paddling pools, multi-use games areas (MUGAs), skate parks, tennis and ball courts.