Snowy Kirklees

This Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) outlines our approach of how the district of Kirklees can achieve its ambition to be 'Net Zero and Climate Ready by 2038'.

Climate Change Action Plan for Kirklees

Appendix A - Existing Actions

Appendix D - Stakeholder Survey Results 2022

In its creation, we have engaged with a wide-range of individuals and organisations within Kirklees, to provide a diverse spectrum of opinions and backgrounds that are reflective of the Borough itself. We have also ensured that the CCAP is informed by our evidence base - read more about that on our evidence page.

Achieving this vision is not easy. Climate change is not restricted by jurisdictional boundaries, and neither is the solution. There is a reliance upon national level policy and a UK wide transition to Net Zero and becoming climate ready to truly see a comprehensive impact on both our emissions and our resilience to the impacts of climate change.

We are proud to present this action plan and are determined to lead the way in achieving our 2038 targets, however, our determination to be net zero and climate ready by 2038 will not achieve this target by itself. This will only be achieved through a genuine collective effort by all organisations, businesses, and residents across the district.

About the CCAP

The CCAP is the first step in our action planning journey and will be followed up by a more 'detailed' action plan. This will outline placed-based priority actions that are accompanied by more specific details of required finance and expected emission reductions.

It provides a summary of our targets, the approach taken and the context behind our Climate Emergency. It then outlines key opportunities, challenges, carbon emissions, key risks and associated actions that could be put in place in Kirklees to achieve our climate targets, for the following sectors:

  • Buildings (page 24)
  • Energy (page 32)
  • Natural environment and biodiversity (page 37)
  • Sustainable food and agriculture (page 43)
  • Transport (page 48)
  • Waste (page 56)
  • Water (page 61)
  • Cross-cutting (page 66)

Our next steps to follow the CCAP

The next steps in our climate action journey, will call upon further engagement and collaboration, to help prioritise appropriate actions by place, before developing business cases that will outline the potential financing mechanisms and funding sources alongside a carbon reduction analysis for the high priority actions.

This will involve:

  • Placed based prioritisation of action: Through stakeholder engagement, appropriate actions will be prioritised by 'place', recognising that the varying social, economic, environmental and build environment characteristics of Kirklees requires actions that are tailored to this uniqueness, rather than a single blanket approach for all areas within Kirklees.
  • Business case development: Once prioritised by place, a business case will be developed for a short-list of high-priority actions. As a minimum, this will include carbon reduction potential and an analysis of funding requirements.
  • Action plan V2: Off the back of the previous steps, a second iteration of the action plan will be published, outlining the high priority actions and their associated business cases.
  • Revisions to the action plan based on the Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Strategy: As per the M&E strategy outlined in this report.