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Batley Art Gallery

Batley Art Gallery
Exhibitions and events at Batley Art Gallery. The gallery hosts a changing display of artwork by local art groups and individual artists.

What's happening today

  • Batley Camera Club Annual Exhibition
    9:30AM - 5:00PM, Batley Art Gallery, Batley
    • An annual showcase of the best works by Batley-based photographers, including both digital and traditional photographic techniques.

  • Digital Artwork by Ian Clegg Walsh
    9:30AM - 5:00PM, Batley Library and Information Centre, Batley
    • A showcase of 19 digitally created artworks by this locally based artist.

  • Stop Motion Animation
    10:00AM - 3:00PM, Batley Art Gallery, Batley
    • A full day workshop offering an in-depth look at stop-motion animation, focusing on character modelling, set building, storyboarding and animation techniques. With artists Karen Stansfield and Damian Clark, of Creative Arts Hub.


Batley Art Gallery
Market Place
WF17 5DA
Tel: 01924 326021
Fax: 01924 326308

More information

The gallery's programme offers a range of work and wide variety of artistic styles with the aim of providing something for everyone to enjoy.
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Galleries and art
Information about Kirklees art galleries and the creative economy.
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