Every five years the Council must review its polling districts and polling places in conjunction with the person responsible for running Parliamentary elections in the constituencies within its area. This person is known as The (Acting) Returning Officer.

About the review

The review is designed to see if the polling districts and polling places in Kirklees are arranged to suit the needs of voters and covers the following:

  • The polling district boundaries within each ward in the area
  • The location of the polling place and station in each polling district
  • The access to each polling station

Under Section 18C of the Representation of the People Act 1983, the next compulsory review must be undertaken within a 16-month window between 1 October 2023 and 31 January 2025.

It is important that Kirklees has agreed polling districts and places to be used for the next parliamentary election as well as the scheduled District Council, West Yorkshire Combined Authority Mayoral elections in May 2024 and has a polling scheme in place which reflects the new constituencies.

Proposals for public consultation

The public consultation closed on 30 October 2023

Following the close of the consultation period, the (Acting) Returning Officer published his responses to any comments or representations made on 10 November 2023.

Parliamentary constituency arrangements

The (Acting) Returning Officer for the four parliamentary constituencies that cover the Kirklees Metropolitan Borough Council area are currently:

  • Colne Valley
  • Huddersfield
  • Batley and Spen
  • Dewsbury

The Boundary Commission for England is currently undertaking a review of parliamentary constituency boundaries. The Commission has now published its final recommendations, and Orders for the new parliamentary constituency boundaries will be made by 1 November 2023.

Once the Orders for new parliamentary constituencies have been made, the new boundaries will be used for the next general election. From the 1 November the following Constituencies will be in place for the Kirklees areas:

Proposed new parliamentary constituencies
Proposed constituency Wards included Acting returning officer
Colne Valley constituency
  • Colne Valley
  • Golcar
  • Holme Valley North
  • Holme Valley South
  • Lindley
  • Kirklees
    Huddersfield constituency
  • Almondbury
  • Ashbrow
  • Crosland Moor and Netherton
  • Dalton (part)
  • Greenhead
  • Newsome
  • Kirklees
    Dewsbury and Batley constituency
  • Batley East
  • Batley West
  • Dewsbury East
  • Dewsbury South
  • Dewsbury West
  • Kirkburton (part)
  • Kirklees
    Spen Valley constituency
  • Birstall and Birkenshaw
  • Cleckheaton
  • Dalton (part)
  • Heckmondwike
  • Liversedge and Gomersal
  • Mirfield
  • Kirklees
    Ossett and Denby Dale constituency
  • Denby Dale
  • Kirkburton (part)
  • Wakefield

    Current ward maps

    Decision-making process

    As part of the review, all elected ward members are consulted on proposed changes within their ward area. The final report and recommendations for changes to polling districts and places will be considered by the Council's Corporate Governance and Audit Committee on 24 November 2023.

    Should the proposals be approved by the Committee, any changes to polling district boundaries will take effect from 1 December 2023 when the electoral register is next published.

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