Local Area Coordination is an evidence-based approach which works for people of all ages including those often labelled as having complex needs. Local Area Coordination is a national and international programme, and the Local Area Coordination Network across England and Wales.

Local Area Coordinators

Local Area Coordinators are based in community venues so they are easily accessible to people in the areas they work. They work in small areas to develop local knowledge and get to know the community and the people within it.

They work alongside people to build a vision of a good life and take a strengths based approach to identifying practical solutions to any problems. They also help people to plan or solve problems as a family or with friends where that makes sense to them.

Local Area Coordinators spend time supporting community building, building their local connections, as well as working with individuals

Coordinators try to support local, community or practical solutions wherever possible and focus on what the person can do for themselves using their skills and experience; as well as the help that friends, family and the local community can provide.

Local Area Coordinators can:

  • take time to listen and get to know you
  • help you visualise a good life
  • help you access relevant information and advice
  • help you discover your strengths, skills, talents and abilities
  • help you to stay strong and be heard
  • aim to help you find practical solutions to issues
  • support you to become more connected and active in your community