Independent travel trainers work with eligible children that are of compulsory school age and young people who are aged 16 and above with a recognised learning difficulty or disability attending sixth form or college. Those who take part in this scheme, learn to make specific journeys independently, be that a walking route or using public transport.

Young people and adults who are interested in developing the skills for any journey in their community (outside school or college) can find more information from our Out and about travel training page

About the training

Independent travel training is delivered by trained staff within Kirklees Council's Transport Team. It is an exciting and potentially life changing service for vulnerable young people and adults.

If a child is identified for travel training, he or she will be a part of a comprehensive training package that covers both theory and practical sessions. They will be supported by an accredited and experienced trainer to take gradual steps towards making the journey confidently on their own.

The travel trainer will work with families and schools at regular intervals to discuss progress. This provides an opportunity for those involved to ask any questions to make sure that the person receiving the training is getting the best experience they can.

The benefits

  • increased independence and confidence for life
  • transferable life skills
  • enabling access to youth clubs and other social activities
  • access to paid work at the end of their education

Participating in society, Travel training
This film clip is about two young men, Martin and Matthew, and their experience of learning to travel independently.

Contact us

If you want to find out more about independent travel training and your child is currently travelling on an existing home to school transport route or receives transport assistance to sixth form or college, one of the team will be happy to discuss the service in more detail with you.

  • Phone 01484 221000