Information about home to school transport, post 16 transport and how to apply for a school bus pass.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Home to school transport

While schools remain open to pupils, the council will try to continue to provide home to school travel arrangements as usual. This will be dependent on the availability of passenger assistants and drivers. If your child's transport route cannot run due to staff absence you will be contacted and offered another travel option such as a mileage reimbursement to transport your own child to school.

If your child, or any member of your family is ill or showing symptoms of Coronavirus, please do not send your child to school and contact the school transport team to cancel transport. Passenger Assistants/Drivers may refuse to transport your child if they feel they are not well enough to travel.

Help available if you are in financial hardship

Apply for a school bus pass

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

Paperclip To complete this form you will need:-

  • The National Insurance number of the applicant.
  • A digital photo of the child you are applying for. (See rules for digital photos below)
Apply online

After you've applied

The bus pass will be sent to your permanent home address.

If the application is being made for the school year commencing in September you should expect your child's pass in late August.

Digital Kirklees transaction logo

Rules for digital photos

You need a digital photo to apply for a school bus pass online.

The quality of your digital photo

Your photo must be:

  • clear and in focus
  • in colour
  • unaltered by computer software
  • at least 600 pixels wide and 750 pixels tall
  • at least 50KB and no more than 10MB

What your digital photo must show

The digital photo must:

  • contain no other objects or people
  • be taken against a plan light-coloured background
  • be in clear contrast to the background

We will accept digital passport style photos taken with a mobile phone, include your head, shoulders and upper body. Do not crop your photo - it will be done for you.

Lost or damaged school bus passes

If you have lost or damaged your school bus pass please contact METRO below. There will be a charge of £7.00.

  • Phone 0113 348 1122



For pupils to be eligible for transport assistance they will normally have to:

  • Travel more than 2 miles (from Reception up to and including Year 3), or 3 miles (from Year 4 up to and including Year 11);
  • Attend the nearest qualifying and available school to the child's permanent home address;
  • This route will be measured along the nearest available walking route.
  • Where the Authority is not able to admit a child to the nearest qualifying and available school, assistance will be provided to the next nearest qualifying and available school if:
    • the school is more than 2 miles away for Reception up to and including Year 3
    • the school is more than 3 miles away for Year 4 up to and including Year 11).
  • The measurement of the statutory walking distance is not necessarily the shortest distance by road. It is measured by the shortest route along which a child, accompanied as necessary, may walk with reasonable safety. As such, the route measured may include footpaths, bridleways, and other pathways.
  • The 6 and 15 mile upper limits are not walking routes and will be measured along roads
Special Educational Need (SEN)

Pupils who have a statement of special educational need (SEN) will receive transport free regardless of distance if all of the following apply:

  • Transport is specified in Section 4 of the statement
  • The child is attending the nearest appropriate school named in the statement
  • The child has a physical or medical condition that prevents them from walking (accompanied as necessary)

Where a SEN child attends a mainstream school free transport assistance will be provided subject to the 2 or 3 mile limit

Where a parent choses to send their child to a school which is not the nearest appropriate school (and is not named on the statement), assistance with transport will not be provided

Families on lower income

Children from low income families, those entitled to free school meals, or whose parents are in receipt of the maximum level of Working Tax Credit, will be eligible for home to school transport assistance if they meet the following criteria:

  • Primary aged children (up to age 11) are entitled to free travel arrangements to their nearest qualifying school where the distance to that school is over 2 miles from their home
  • Children aged 11 to 16 are entitled to free travel arrangements made to one of their three nearest qualifying schools (or places other than a school at which they might receive education under section 19(1) of the 1996 Act), where they live more than 2 miles, but less than 6 miles from that school. The 6 mile upper limit will be measured along roads, they are not walking routes.
  • Children aged 11 to 16 where parents/carers express a preference for a school based on religion or belief, where they live more than 2 miles but not more than 15 miles from that school to the nearest suitable school. The 15 mile upper limit will be measured along roads, they are not walking routes.
  • Once eligibility has been confirmed on income grounds, the pupil would be eligible for the entirety of the school year for which the assessment has been made


You can appeal against any decision not to award a Free School Bus Pass by contacting us to state why you disagree and/or why your circumstances could be regarded as exceptional.

The decision will then be reviewed by a Senior Officer as part of a stage 2 appeal process.

If the original decision is upheld, the authority will issue appeal papers to you for the second part of the appeal process which will go before a panel consisting of three Elected Members of Kirklees Local Authority to hear your appeal.


Home to school transport

Post 16 transport

My Bus scheme

Metro's revolutionary yellow bus scheme, providing dedicated school transport.

Bike scheme

If you would be interested in receiving a bike instead of a bus pass please contact:

Contact us

School bus passes

For information about school bus passes.

SENACT (SEN Assessment & Commissioning Team)

For information on eligibility and applying for transport assistance, including Post 16 students, if your child has special educational needs and/or a disability.

Transport team

If your child has special educational needs and/or a disability, and you are already in receipt of home to school transport assistance for your child.

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