It is a legal requirement under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 that all works involving the opening up or breaking open of the public highway are registered.

How to apply

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After you've applied

You will be issued with an individual reference number with your application pack.


Usually the owner of the apparatus being installed or repaired apply, not the appointed contractor.

Anyone carrying out street works must have a qualified supervisor and trained operative, who have received training in what is required to excavate, sign and guard the works and reinstate afterwards to the correct standard.

Licences are issued for three types of private street works, these are:

  • Install or repair a foul or clean water drain or connection
  • Install or repair any other type of apparatus, for example, a gas or electricity supply or ducting for computers
  • Breaking or opening the highway for purposes other than installing or repairing apparatus.

Notifying the council

Once you have obtained your licence and a proposed start date and duration have been agreed for your works, you will then need to:

  • Record the following stages of work: excavation, backfill, interim reinstatement (if applicable), and permanent reinstatement. You can do this by emailing Please remember to do this in advance where possible.
  • Register your reinstatement(s) within 10 working days of completion. You can do this by completing the Registration notice supplied with your licence. Please email it to
  • When you email your Registration, please also include a scale plan (1:500 scale where possible) showing the depth, size and location of any reinstatement or apparatus to which the licence relates

If the fee paid for your licence included a deposit, the deposit will only be refunded if you have complied with all these requirements.


  • £569.94 for works involving installing or repairing apparatus
  • £337.74 for opening the highway for any other purpose

Contact Streetscene

  • Kirklees Council
  • Address Highways ROSS, PO Box 1720, Huddersfield, HD1 9EL
  • Phone 01484 414700
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