If you want to carry out house-to-house collections for charitable purposes in England and Wales you will need a licence.

Fully complete the application below including the supporting documents requested below:

  • Proof that the collection beneficiary is a registered charity (e.g. documentation including a charity number).
  • Provide the objectives of the charitable cause as supplied to the Charity Commission (e.g. A Mission Statement).
  • A statement of the company organisations applying e.g. aims as detailed in any literature, details of the history of the organisation (when formed; names of trustees, directors, organisers, etc).
  • Relevant accounts and financial statements of the collection company.
  • Relevant accounts and financial statements of the charity (if different).
  • Remuneration amounts of senior members of the applicant's organisation and the charity.
  • A written agreement between the applicant and the charity as required by the Charities Act 1992.
  • A declaration of any previous refusals for House to House Collections (this is on the application).
  • A basic Criminal Records Bureau disclosure (no more than twelve months old) relating to the applicant.
  • In addition, it must be clear as part of the application process how much the charity will receive as part of the collection, the proportion of this as a percentage of the cost of running the collection and a clear set of returns if the organisation has operated collections before.

Without the above information we are unable to consider applications for more information please read the full policy on the link below

House to house collections policy

How to apply

Download the form and send it to us

  • There is no cost for this licence

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes

Download form

After the collection

You must advise us of the result of your collection within one calendar month by completing a returns form:

House to house collections - returns form

Contact Licensing

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