Finding a home that you can afford to rent doesn't have to mean finding a council or housing association property. There are many properties in Kirklees which are available to rent from a private landlord.

Help with housing costs

You might be able to apply for Housing Benefit to help pay your rent. In some areas you will have to claim Universal Credit instead.

Bond guarantee scheme

If you want to rent a property in the private sector, and you can't afford the bond, you may be eligible for the Bond guarantee scheme.

The council provides a guarantee to the landlord, instead of a cash deposit, which covers damage/rent arrears up to the maximum value of the bond.

How we can help

We can help you find a home with a private landlord if you are homeless or threatened with homelessness.

We can:

  • give you advice on how to look for a property
  • talk to a potential landlord on your behalf
  • help you prepare for your appointment with the landlord to give you a better chance of getting a property

In some cases, we can:

  • help you prepare for your appointment with the landlord to give you a better chance of getting a property
  • help with rent in advance and estate agency fees

Illegal eviction and harassment

If you think your landlord is harassing you or trying to evict you illegally, for example by changing the locks or threatening to disconnect your gas, electricity or water, you should get advice straight away from our Housing Solutions Service or Fusion Housing.

Further guidance and support

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After you've contacted us

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Other ways to contact us

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To allow enough time for us to discuss your housing options with you, please attend before 4pm. If you come to us after this time we will only be able to give you emergency housing advice.

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