Register with the Grants Access Point

Non-profit making voluntary and community groups must register with the Grants Access Point (GAP) before they can apply for all Kirklees Council funding schemes.

We review key documents and give you feedback on governance and management arrangements. GAP registration lasts for 3 years.

Grants and schemes available

Members Ward Budget

Members Ward Budget

The Members Local Project Fund is a ward budget that Councillors can allocate to address specific local issues and priorities. Councillors make decisions on how this is spent, based on their local knowledge and engagement with ward residents. Community and voluntary groups who would like to find out more about this funding should contact the Active Citizens and Places Team for further information and advice.

Active Citizens and Places Team

Do Something Now

Do Something Now - helping people to help each other to make a difference.

"Do Something Now" is a community investment opportunity, for third sector, grassroots groups and individuals to support activities in communities that improve outcomes for people. Awards can be made for up to £200 for individuals, up to £5000 for small community groups and up to £50,000 for larger community organisations.

We would welcome projects that are about:

  • Connecting people
  • People doing more for themselves
  • Growing community capacity (volunteering, cooperation between groups)
  • Developing new skills and knowledge which may lead to further training/education opportunities
  • Helping to reduce social isolation and loneliness
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem

We are keen to support proposals that are innovative and adaptable in their approach to providing lasting change using the strengths of local communities. If you have an idea or would like to know more about "Do Something Now" we would love to talk to you. We don't want you to work alone on this, we are here to help develop ideas, connect partners and progress applications together.

Contact the Community Plus team at with your name and contact number and someone will be in touch.

By working together developing strong and lasting partnerships we can really support the residents of Kirklees to live a better life.

Our Space Capital Grant Scheme

Capital funding of up to £1 million has been made available to voluntary, community, social enterprise or youth sector organisations who currently provide youth services in Kirklees for children and young people aged 13 to 19 years of age (up to 25 for young people with special educational needs and disabilities).

There are two capital grants available:

  • Small grants - between £10,000 and £24,999
  • Larger grants - from £25,000 up to £75,000

We are looking for bids which can demonstrate the difference the capital investment will make to your youth offer.

The funding can be used to improve your building or outdoor space, improve facilities, make your building more energy efficient or accessible. It can also be used to purchase equipment, to improve the range of activities on offer. It can also be used to purchase a mini bus.

Kirklees Council are providing this funding in recognition of the vital role voluntary, community, social enterprise and youth sector organisations play in giving young people the best start in life.


You must be:

  • a voluntary, community, social enterprise or youth sector organisation
  • spend the grant on a building or facility that is located or delivered within the boundaries of Kirklees

All grant applicants must be registered with the Grant Access Point (GAP).

Applications from education or religious settings must be for the primary purpose of open access community use and not limited to members of the organisation

How to apply

You can apply for Our Space Capital Funding between 1 April 2022 and 31 May 2022

Please read the Our Space Capital Grant funding criteria before applying for funding.

Request an application form

After you've applied

Notification letters will be sent out the week commencing 4 July 2022

For small grants, applicants will be expected to spend the grant by 31 March 2023.

For larger grants, applicants will be expected to spend the grant by 31 July 2023.

About capital funding

Kirklees Council defines capital expenditure/investment as:

  • Expenditure on the acquisition, creation, or enhancement of non-current assets
  • Non-current assets include items of land, property, and plant/equipment, which are not expected to be sold or consumed within what is called the normal operating cycle. In local government the cycle is assumed to be 12 months.

De Minimis - is the threshold below which expenditure is not considered for capitalisation. The Council has set a de-minimis level of £10,000. This means that, whilst expenditure may meet the definition of capital expenditure, it will be treated as revenue expenditure if the project amount is below the de-minimis threshold.

Examples of appropriate capital bids

  • Remedial or improvement work to the internal or external fabric of the building that will improve the facilities used to deliver your children and youth offer for example; external and or internal re-modelling, alteration work, roof replacement, new windows, new environmentally friendly heating system, new catering facilities
  • Building work adaptations to create disabled friendly access, externally and internally or provide disabled toilets and facilities
  • External grounds work to create outdoor activity areas, purchase and installation of fixed activity equipment, an allotment or raised beds
  • The purchase and installation of internal fixtures and fittings that will improve your youth offer, for example; music or IT equipment
  • A contribution to the cost of purchasing a mini bus

Examples of inappropriate bids that would be declined

  • Funding of or contribution towards staffing costs related to delivering your children and youth offer
  • Funding of or contribution towards meeting outstanding or future day to day running costs
  • Funding of or contribution towards costs relating to increasing your children and youth offer
  • Funding of or contribution towards enhancing the effectiveness of your organisation such as staff development, training and volunteering
  • Communication materials in all media, including costs of advertising and promotional activities

Contact us

If you have any questions please email us at:

Support for businesses

Business Support

The Kirklees Business, Economy and Growth Service provides specialist mentoring and advice to help your business flourish. Contact the team for advice on grants and funding.