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We know that a lack of digital skills and access can have a huge negative impact on a person's life. This leads to poorer health outcomes and a lower life expectancy, increased loneliness and social isolation, less access to jobs and education.

It can mean paying more for essentials, financial exclusion and an increased risk of experiencing poverty. People who are digitally excluded also lack a voice and visibility in the modern world, as government services and democracy increasingly move online.

We know that residents who are already at a disadvantage - through age, education, income, disability or unemployment - are most likely to be missing out. This further widens the social inequality gap. It can create additional layers of social exclusion and exacerbate social and economic problems.

What a digital hub is

A digital hub is a local community-based centre that offers a range of support services to help you with your digital inclusion journey.

They have a number of free courses and activities that you can access with a level to suit everyone, from beginners through to intermediate and more advanced courses.

Digital hub locations


Dewsbury, Batley and Spen

Rural - The Valleys, Denby Dale and Kirkburton

Digital cafés

These are spaces to try out equipment, have a cuppa and talk about digital access. Contact a digital hub to find out about their local café.

Other digital skills support

Digital skills training tells you about short courses that will give you skills and confidence covering online safety, how to use apps, send emails and all things digital. You can also find out about free online courses, online self-learning resources and higher level courses.

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