Emergencies you may face

Examples include:

  • Flooding
  • Severe Weather
  • Utility Disruptions
  • Outbreak of Disease
  • Terrorism

Some initial steps to take

  • Keep all family and friends' phone numbers with you
  • Pack an emergency grab bag including radio, torch, first aid kit, medication, food and water
  • Complete our Household emergency plan

If you are evacuated

  • Following instructions from the Emergency Services and the Council
  • Check if your neighbours need any assistance (without putting yourself in danger)
  • Gather family members and pets
  • Take prescribed medicines and other essentials with you
  • Do not return home unless told it is safe.

In case of emergency

Order In Case of Emergency (ICE) cards

We have wallet-sized ICE cards available free of charge. Contact Emergency Planning if you would like us to send you one, or send you a batch for your place of work.