Kirklees Major Incident Plan

The Emergency Planning Team is responsible for the development and maintenance of the
Kirklees Major Incident Plan which details the generic arrangements for responding to emergency incidents in, or close to the Kirklees boundary. Appended to the Major Incident Plan, are several specific Plans which detail a response to and recovery from the districts highest rated risks (for example, an evacuation specific plan, which amongst other things provides information and maps to safely evacuate small and large areas. The evacuation maps for Huddersfield and Dewsbury can be found below:

We engage with emergency responders in Kirklees through a regular multi-agency group, which amongst other outcomes, provides assurance that adequate local response mechanisms are in place to work collaboratively in an emergency.

In addition to local planning, we are a stakeholder in the West Yorkshire Resilience Forum and work in partnership with other regional responders to ensure there are adequate regional response mechanisms in place.

Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) sites

These sites in Kirklees must take additional measures to prevent major accidents:

Upper Tier COMAH sites:

There are also a number of lower tier COMAH sites across the district, which are also required to take some additional measures to ensure they can safely operate.

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