Food shopping can be one of the biggest bills and it's becoming harder to afford the essentials as prices increase.

Regular meals are important to keep yourself and your family healthy so it's important you don't go without.

Checking you're claiming all you're entitled to could help to maximise your income and ease the burden. Financial support and debt advice includes free online tools you can use to check your income.

Get support

Top tips

  • Eat Well has advice on how to eat a balanced diet on a budget so you, and your wallet, stay healthy. Top tips include:
    • plan your meals in advance
    • write a shopping list and stick to it
    • buy frozen fruit and vegetables
    • avoid expensive brands
    • cook from scratch.
  • Money Saving Expert has the latest deals, guides, tips and tricks to save money on supermarket and online shopping. There is also lots more advice to help maximise your income.

If you need immediate help

Food banks

There are several food banks in Kirklees that offer support with the essentials like food and basic toiletries. Contact the Local Welfare Provision Team, Citizens Advice, a social worker or a GP to check if you are able to receive support. They will make a referral to your nearest food bank or wider support services.

  • Local Welfare Provision includes contact details if you are need immediate support. If food is required it usually arrives the same day or the next working day.
  • Kirklees Citizens Advice and Law Centre can refer you to a local food bank and help check that you're getting all you're entitled to. They also give budgeting and debt advice.

Additional support

  • Mental health support offers a range of resources and advice if you are experiencing mental health problems. Get confidential help and support.
  • Customer service centres - Visit us in person for help and get free access to computers and phones to contact a council service.
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