When running a community group there are many issues to consider; money, publicity, volunteers and more. To help you run your community group effectively we have created this page. Below is a substantial list of contacts and information, across a range of subjects, for local community groups.

Money and resources

Kirklees Council funding is limited, however there are other funders that could support your project: Community grants and funding

Support in kind

Maybe you could get what you need by sharing, and not need as much money.

Running your organisation

Running a successful community group means thinking about your constitution (rules for making decisions), managing your money and policies about how you operate.

Working with volunteers

Publicise your group and activities


If you work with children or vulnerable adults you should consider what you need to do to ensure that they are safe from abuse and neglect, and how to report any concerns.


Adult education includes links to adult learning providers and support with the cost of learning.

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