The National Key Scheme (NKS)

This offers disabled people independent access to over 10,000 locked public toilets around the country. Toilets fitted with NKS locks can be found in:

  • Shopping centres
  • Pubs and Cafes
  • Department stores
  • Bus and Train stations

To gain access to a toilet with an NKS lock, you need a Radar Key. The key is designed for optimum grip and is ideal if you have limited mobility in your hands or wrists.

Radar Keys do not work in Europe.

Buy a Radar Key

Buy a Radar Key online from:

You can also buy a Radar Key in-store at Eden Mobility Huddersfield.

Find a public toilet

Great British Public Toilet Map

Changing Places Toilets

Changing Places Toilets are facilities for people who may be unable to use standard accessible toilets. The facilities provide additional space for users and carers and incorporate equipment specifically designed for those with profound physical and learning disabilities. These toilets are accessed by a Radar Key.

Changing Places Toilets

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