Contact Pest Control

We deal with rats, mice, cockroaches, wasps and wasp nests, fleas and bed bugs.

We aim to deal with the immediate problem and attempt to discover the root cause to prevent it from happening again. This may include advice and recommendations on minor proofing repairs.

In the case of rats inside properties, we may carry out a drainage investigation to identify any defects as a drain fault is the most common cause of rats invading properties.

Out of hours service

Given notice, we are able to schedule some appointments for early morning, late afternoon or early evening.

During the busy summer season our staff often work evenings and at weekends, so we may be able to arrange a visit then.

Privately owned properties

Must pay the charge for Pest control at domestic properties plus an additional call-out fee.

Council tenants

We provide an emergency out-of-hours service in the evenings and at weekends for council tenants.

  • Contact Housing Emergency Repairs Phone 01484 414850 and ask for Pest Control

Insect identification

This is a free service.

Send a sample of the insect, along with your name, address and telephone number to us: Contact Pest Control

Give as much information as possible about where the insect was found.

We will contact you if the insect is considered a potential hazard to health.


We do not trap or poison pigeons.

We do provide pigeon proof buildings. It is chargeable service, Contact Pest Control for a quote.

Sometimes we carry out a pigeon cull by shooting, but under no circumstances will shooting take place outside or in public places.

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