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We deal with rats, mice, cockroaches, wasps and wasp nests, fleas and bed bugs.

We aim to deal with the immediate problem and attempt to discover the root cause to prevent it from happening again. This may include advice and recommendations on minor proofing repairs.

In the case of rats inside properties, we may carry out a drainage investigation to identify any defects as a drain fault is the most common cause of rats invading properties.

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

To help protect our customers and staff

No Kirklees Council staff will report to work if they are experiencing any of the recognised Coronavirus symptoms and are encouraged to isolate to protect others.

All customers will be contacted prior our visit to confirm if anyone within the household is isolating or has coronavirus symptoms. If they are the visit will not take place and will be rearranged to a later date. Advice will be provided during this interim period to help you deal with your pest issue.

All staff will adhere to the 2-metre social distancing rule and we expect our customers to respect this also. This may result in you being asked not to follow the technician during his visit and please ensure that you accept calls from anonymous caller ID as this may be our technician.

Strict personal hygiene measures are being implemented by all technicians, with regular hand washing taking place before and after each visit.

Cost and payment

Domestic property charges
Pest Charge (includes 20% VAT)
Call out charge £51.00 (out of hours only, in addition to fixed charges)
Cancellation charge (less than 24 hours) £25.00
Fleas £97.00 per treatment
Rats inside property £184.00 for 3 visits and drainage investigation
Rats outside property £94.00 for 3 visits
Mice (inside property only) £112.00 for 3 visits
Cockroaches £123.00 for 3 visits
Bed bugs By quotation
Wasps nests £69.00 for first visit
£30.00 Each extra nest treated during visit
Insects £77.00 for first visit
Pharaoh ants By quotation
Survey work None available
Pigeon proofing buildings By quotation

Owner occupiers

If you are the owner and occupier of a private property you must pay.

Privately rented property

Check your tenancy agreement to see who is responsible for pest control on your property; it may be the landlord's responsibility.

If you pay for pest control as tenants it is charged at the domestic rate.

If the landlord is responsible for the pest control (either directly or via a third party such as a letting agent), the landlord or agent must arrange the treatment.

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