Reduce your kitchen and garden waste by making great compost for your garden.

Composting is an environmentally friendly way of getting rid of organic waste from your kitchen and garden, giving you a completely natural, peat free compost to dig back into your garden or add to your potted plants. By composting your own food and garden material you will be doing your bit to reduce waste, put less in your grey bin, save money, and create free goodies for your garden at the same time.

Composter choices

To help you start your composting, we've teamed up with specialist composter manufacturer, Original Organics to offer you huge savings on three composters. Each composter is specifically designed to help you turn kitchen scraps into a great fertiliser for your garden and flower tubs.

You can choose from the following:

Green Johanna

Green Johanna composter

The Green Johanna is the big greedy monster composter, she can take pretty much anything you can throw at her. This includes all the mowing, cuttings, and trimmings from your garden and all the kitchen waste you make - even all your food scraps.

Tiger Wormery - 3 Tray

Three Tray Tiger Wormery composter

The little munchers that live in your Wormery have a very varied diet and are happiest when you feed them vegetables, fruits, ground coffee, tea bags, bread, cooked rice and pasta, flowers, cereals, crushed eggshells, cakes, paper, and pet/human hair. They also don't mind small and sporadic amounts of meat, garlic, onions, and citrus fruits.

Never give your wrigglers any bones, dairy products, cooking oils, anything that has had soap on, grass cuttings or anything that has had been in touch with insecticides or pesticides.

Worm compost makes a great soil conditioner or add it to potted plants on the patio or indoors for an extra boost.

Different colours available.

Bokashi Bin

Bokashi Bin composter

A Bokashi Bin is a great composting solution that produces two types of plant food. Like a little Ninja, it sits quietly and odourlessly in your kitchen waiting to dispose of your waste. It very quickly produces Bokashi Tea, which needs to be drained off from the bin to be then used as liquid plant feed. The other material needs to be dug into either soil or added to a big compost bin where it will turn into homemade compost.

Like a Ninja, they are afraid of nothing. You can put pretty much anything at all in it including food preparation scraps, left over dinner, dairy products, even poultry, cattle, pig, and fish bones.

Order a compost bin

To be eligible for a discount you must be currently paying your Council Tax to Kirklees Council.

Paperclip To order your compost bin you will need:

  • Your debit or credit card
  • Proof of receipt of Council Tax Reduction (if applicable)
  • Your choice of composter

Kirklees residents

All Kirklees residents are eligible for a 40% discount when purchasing a composter.

Order your composter (Kirklees resident)

Council Tax Reduction

If you are in receipt of Council Tax Reduction you are eligible to a 70% discount. You will need to provide proof when making your purchase, you can find this on your current Council Tax Bill.

Order your composter (Council Tax Reduction)

Going that one step further with recycling

Garden waste is not permitted in grey or green bins in Kirklees. We can collect it if you sign up for our, Brown bin garden waste collection or request a garden waste bag collection.

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