If you are concerned about a tree in your area being removed you can request for a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) to be placed on a tree or group of trees, to do this please submit the request using our online form.

Before you make a request

If you're concerned about the retention of a tree or group of trees, please check if the tree(s) are already:

  • Protected via a conservation area
  • Protected by a TPO, or
  • Part of a planning application.

You can check using our Search for planning applications and Search for Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and trees in conservation areas.

Request a new Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

How to make a TPO request

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes

PaperclipTo complete this form you will need;

  • The precise location of the tree(s) and the address or location they stand in
  • Identification of what they are
  • a map of the site,
  • a photograph of the tree and
  • justification as to why a TPO should to be placed on the tree.

Please note not all trees can have a TPO placed on them.

Current legislation and government guidance sets out that new Tree Preservation Order should be served by a Local Planning Authority where it is expedient in the interests of amenity.

Amenity is not defined in law, Tree Preservation Orders should be used to protect selected trees and woodlands if their removal would have a significant negative impact on the local environment and its enjoyment by the public. Before new orders are made authorities should be able to show that protection would bring a reasonable degree of public benefit.

The extent to which the trees or woodlands can be seen by the public will inform the authority's assessment of whether the impact on the local environment is significant. The trees, or at least part of them, should normally be visible from a public place, such as a road or footpath, or accessible by the public. Other factors that then need to be considered are:

  • size and form;
  • future potential as an amenity;
  • rarity, cultural or historic value;
  • contribution to, and relationship with, the landscape
  • contribution to the character or appearance of a conservation area.
  • importance to nature conservation or response to climate change.

Although these factors alone would not warrant making an Order.

Further information about Tree Preservation Orders can be found on GOV.UK: Tree Preservation Orders and trees in conservation areas

Request a new Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

After you've applied

The LPA will inform you of its decision once it has undertaken an assessment using its TPO assessment method.

If worthy of preservation, the TPO will be served on the landowner and other interested parties. The tree(s) have provisional protection from this point. After a 28-day consultation period in which interested parties have the opportunity to object to or support the protection of the tree, the authority will consider whether to confirm the order. You will be able to make representations supporting the Order during the consultation period.

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