You must apply for permission if you want to remove a countryside hedgerow.


Countryside hedgerows: regulation and management

Rules and responsibilities involved if you want to remove or work on a hedgerow, including information about which hedgerows are covered by regulations and when you don't need to apply to remove a hedgerow.

How to apply to remove a hedgerow

Submit an application on the national Planning Portal website

Clock You must register with the site. Registration is free.


After you've applied

We will acknowledge that we have received your application.

From that date we have 42 days (or longer if agreed by both parties) to consult with various agencies and determine if the hedgerow can be removed.

If it can't be removed we will serve a hedgerow retention notice.

How to appeal a decision

Appeal a hedgerow notice

Penalties for destroying a hedgerow without permission

Conviction in the Magistrates Court leads to a fine of £5,000.

More serious cases may be tried in the Crown Court, where fines are unlimited.

You must replace the hedgerow.

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