Notes on how to appeal are found on the decision notice that you receive when you have applied for permission to work on trees.

Appeals are submitted to and decided by the national Planning Inspectorate.

When you can appeal

You can appeal within 28 days of receiving a decision.

You can also appeal if we have not issued a decision within either eight weeks or two months of an application to work on trees with a tree preservation order (TPO), depending on the age of the TPO.


Appealing against local authority decisions on applications


There is no fee.

How to appeal a decision about work on trees

Submit your appeal on the national Planning Portal website.

Clock You must register with the site. Registration is free.


After you have appealed

Appeals are normally decided without a formal hearing, on the basis of written statements followed by a site visit.

Both you and the council have the right instead to a public local inquiry or hearing.

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