Information about closed circuit television (CCTV), retail radio link and how to request information about data held on CCTV recordings.

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  • There are approximately 150 public space CCTV cameras on streets and in car parks in in various towns in Kirklees, monitored and recorded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Live footage can be viewed in the council control room to monitor ongoing incidents and is used to direct and assist police officers and other emergency Services.
  • Recordings are erased after a month, unless anything has been requested as evidence.
  • Footage is confidential and subject to data protection regulations and maybe required as evidence either by the prosecution or defense in a court case. Then copies of the incident on DVD may be supplied to the police or a solicitor, to be produced in court.
  • You can request what data is held about you on digital recording, but everyone else will be removed (pixelated) from the footage. You can contact the council's Data Protection Officer or the CCTV Manager, who will provide you with further information. This is subject to a fee being paid.
  • Requests for footage with regards to road traffic collisions (RTC incidents) can be made from your insurers or solicitors and a search and admin fee is required along with the request. Please note, footage is erased after 31 days from our system.

Retail radio link

  • There is a radio network between retailers and businesses that allows members to contact each other, the police or the CCTV control room to share information on suspects, shop thieves or troublemakers.
  • CCTV have links to the radio system in Huddersfield.