Information on how to request information and what will be done with that request.

About freedom of information

  • You have right of access to information held by public authorities, including local authorities like Kirklees Council.
  • You have the right to be told if we hold particular information in recorded form, and if so, to have a copy of it.

We publish a number of classes of information in a Publication Scheme so you do not need to make specific requests.

Request information

Describe as clearly as you can the sort of information you are interested in. Send your request to:

How to make a freedom of information request

Fill in our simple online form

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Make a freedom of information request

About your request

How we respond

The Freedom of Information Act specifies that within twenty working days we must:

  • provide the information requested, or
  • state that the information is not held if that is the case, or
  • issue a refusal notice if an exemption applies.

If it is not clear what the information is that you require, we will contact you to clarify your request. The time that this takes is not counted in the twenty working days.

We charge for photocopying (at 10p per A4 sheet or 25p per A3 sheet) or for other disbursements where the total amounts to £10 or more.

If for any reason copying is not practicable (and the information is not available on the website or in electronic form) we will contact you to make an appointment to view it.

What we do not give information about

Personal information:

  • Personal information about the person requesting information is exempt, because it is available under the Data Protection Act.
  • This also exempts private information about other people.
  • More information: Data protection

Other exemptions include information which is:

  • available by other means
  • intended for future publication
  • held in confidence
  • prejudicial to commercial interests
  • held for investigations and proceedings or law enforcement
  • environmental information, available under the Environmental Information Regulations 2004.

If we have to refuse information

We will tell you which exemption applies and why, and if necessary explain why refusal is in the public interest. We will also explain your right of appeal.

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