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Supporting people living with dementia and their carers

We're excited to share plans to replace the existing facilities that serve people living with dementia and their carers across South Kirklees.

Over the last year we have been working with social care and health professionals, the wider community, service users and their carers to listen to their thoughts which have directly helped to shape the improvement plans The Homestead in Almondbury.

The existing service has served the community well since it was initially opened, but the existing building is no longer fit for purpose and future needs.

The newly developed site will include state-of-the-art facilities including a wellbeing zone, activity zone, a home therapy zone as well as a sensory garden.


Please note timelines are subject to change, these are for guidance purposes only.

Timeline for The Homestead, Almondbury
Date Event
Winter 2022 Demolition and Construction of new build commences
Winter 2023 Service returns to new premises

The service has transferred to alternative premises at Castle Grange (Newsome) to enable continuity of service for service users and to ensure their carers continue to benefit from taking regular breaks in their caring roles.

Supporting information

About the improved facilities

The Homestead has been designed to be a modern, fit for purpose, flexible day centre. It will cater for up to 30 people living with dementia each day. Plans are in place to expand the service offer with potential to open the facilities on evenings and weekends to enable more people to receive support.

The new facilities will incorporate design features to give maximum flexibility and be fully inclusive. We have been working collaboratively with the University of Stirling Dementia Services Design Centre (DSDC) throughout to ensure the facilities incorporate dementia design principles and meet the DSDC dementia design standards.

The mix of spaces has been developed to ensure the service is accessible for all existing and new service users. It will meet the needs of people living with dementia who require support for their physical disabilities, sensory and mobility needs.

We will run and manage the new facility and will continue to support people from across south Kirklees.


View planning application details:

The Homestead planning application details


The new dementia day service will include the following facilities:

  • Home Therapy Zone; incorporating a homely open plan lounge, dining and kitchen area.
  • Activity Zone; incorporating a large arts and crafts room.
  • Wellbeing Zone; incorporating a sensory and cinema room and a spa.
  • Each zone will also incorporate the latest assistive technology including sensory lighting and sound systems. Ceiling tracking will also be incorporated into key areas and hygiene rooms.

    Each zone will have access to the outdoor area, for example the garden next to the home therapy zone will include a greenhouse, potting shed and raised beds and the garden outside the wellbeing zone will include an exercise area and a water feature.

    Rooms are connected to the private rear garden area by full length glazed windows in the extra wide corridors to ensure people are encouraged to make use of the improved outdoor area for outdoor sensory experiences and to improve their wellbeing.

    Outdoor space will incorporate more outdoor lighting, improved pathways, plenty of seating, a gazebo, a garden pod, an outside AWC and will incorporate handrails throughout.


The Homestead has been designed to meet the needs of new and existing service users.

The new facilities will incorporate improvements to the environment to improve accessibility, for example, improvements to enhance lighting levels, improvements to signage to aid way finding, improvements to acoustics and improvements to ensure different surfaces have improvements to contrast.


The facility will be designed and built with suitable fabrics to be highly energy efficient.


The spaces have been designed to ensure they give maximum flexibility and so they can be adapted to meet future needs relatively easily should trends and demands change.

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