Many new developments include new roads and paths to allow public access. Most developers wish to get these adopted as a 'highway maintainable at the public expense'.

These highways guidance notes and standard details help developers design and construct roads and paths suitable for adoption by Kirklees Council.

Guidance notes

Standard details

Highways standard details

What the council will adopt

The council will only adopt new roads and paths if:

  • they are suitably designed and constructed
  • and the council has been paid in advance a 'commuted sum' to cover any exceptional costs associated with their management and maintenance.

In general, the council will adopt:

  • roads serving more than five residential properties
  • some roads and paths within large industrial or commercial developments
  • parts of the accesses to large, individual properties - such as factories, supermarkets, or blocks of flats - where it is in the public interest for the entrance to be entirely within the publicly maintainable highway.

Limitations on use

These guidance notes and standard details are only intended for use on developments in Kirklees.

If you intend to use them for anything other than designing and constructing roads and paths suitable for adoption by Kirklees Council we advise you to ensure they are suitable.

Failure to do so might:


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