Before you make your complaint

Step 1

Check planning applications to see if planning consent has been approved or if a condition has been placed on that planning consent.

This will help you to make your complaint more specific.

Search for planning applications

Step 2

Check to see if it is generally permitted development.

How to make an enforcement complaint

Fill in our simple online form

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

Submit complaint

After you've applied

You will receive an acknowledgement with a reference number.

You will be able to check its progress on our Search for planning enforcement records.

More information: Development Management Compliance Strategy

When enforcement action may be taken

If there is no planning permission we consider National Planning Practice Guidance: Ensuring effective enforcement when deciding what action to take.

When enforcement action won't be taken

Enforcement action can't be taken to protect the private interests or rights of one person against the activities of another.

We won't take action if a planning application for the development would be granted.

Private rights of access, light or ownership, and other issues are civil matters which would be dealt with through other legislation and ultimately the courts.

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