Once the plan you require is open, select the measuring tool.

If you save the file and open it in Adobe Reader

Select 'Tools' from the menu bar, then 'Measuring' and then 'Show Measuring Toolbar'.

Measuring options in Adobe Reader

If you open the file in your browser

Right-click on a blank part of the adobe toolbar and select 'Measuring' to show the measuring toolbar.

Measuring options in Adobe Toolbar in the browser

If the measuring toolbar is visible

Just select the tool you require without going through the menus.

Measuring toolbar

Measuring tools

Distance measuring tool

is the distance measuring tool. e.g. for measuring the length of walls.

Perimeter measuring tool

is the perimeter measuring tool. e.g. for measuring the distance around a building.

Area measuring tool

is the area measuring tool. e.g. for measuring the area of a building.

Enter the scale ratio

When you have the tool selected (distance, perimeter or area), you need to enter the scale ratio.

Scale ratio

Scale ratio is a hybrid mix of ratio and units.

So converting centimetres to metres at 1:1250 results in a setting of 1 cm = 12.5 m.

Commonly used scales
Ratio Setting
1:50 Set scale to 1cm = 0.5m
1:100 Set scale to 1cm = 1m
1:200 Set scale to 1cm = 2m
1:500 Set scale to 1cm = 5m
1:1000 Set scale to 1cm = 10m
1:1250 Set scale to 1cm = 12.5m

Measuring a line

Click once with the mouse, then drag and release. To finish the process click once more.

If the ratios above are used, the distance or area will be displayed in metres.

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