The Carephone service is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week link to our alarm and response service that helps reassure you to be able to live safely and independently in your own home.

Who can have this service

The service is helpful for anyone who is vulnerable or is caring for a vulnerable person. There is no age barrier; anyone who lives alone or feels insecure could benefit from the service.

How much it costs

Equipment is provided free of charge and there are no installation or maintenance fees. However, depending upon your needs and financial circumstances a weekly monitoring fee may be payable.

The cost will be £5.60 per week for the standard package and £6.30 per week for the enhanced package.

Standard carephone package

The Carephone, a personal alarm, a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector make up our standard package.

Enhanced carephone package

A range of other devices are also available from the Carephone Home Safety Service. These form part of our Enhanced Carephone package which is designed to meet the individual needs of people who use our service.

Devices and sensors in the Enhanced Carephone package include:

How a Carephone works

The Carephone base unit can plug into a standard telephone point and electric socket, alternatively the new digital Carephone comes with a built-in sim, requiring an electric socket only. Both work with a range of sensors that are installed according to your needs.

If one of the sensors is automatically activated or if you press your personal alarm, an alert is raised and the Carephone automatically rings our Control Centre. Our trained operators are able to speak with you to assess the situation, check your safety and take the appropriate action. This could include calling a family member, friend or the emergency services.

How to contact adult social care services

The Community Health and Social Care Hub is the contact for anyone that would like further information or advice on adult social care and support services available in Kirklees.

Contact adult social care services

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