New food businesses must register with us 28 days prior to starting business.

It is also a legal requirement to notify us of any significant change or closure of an establishment.

It doesn't cost anything to register and your registration can't be refused.

Which businesses need to register

You must register if you want to carry out any food operations like:

  • selling food
  • cooking food
  • storing or handling food
  • preparing food
  • distributing food

You must register if you store, prepare, distribute or sell food on premises. Premises include your home, restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, canteens, market stalls, mobile catering vans and food delivery vans.

If you make, prepare or handle food that comes from animals, for example meat or dairy products, other than for direct sale to the consumer, you may need to Apply for food premises approval or the Meat Hygiene Service, rather than registering.


You can look at the Food Standards Agency for information about starting a food business and how to keep records . You can also find out about your responsibilities for food safety

Fines and penalties

You may be fined, imprisoned for up to 2 years or both if you run a food business without registering.

Register a food business

Fill in our simple online form.

ClockCompleting this form takes around 10 minutes

Paperclip To complete this form you will need the;

  • name, address and contact details of the operator
  • name of the manager, if different
  • type of food business, including the description
  • trading name and address of the food business
  • date the business will open
  • number of employees
  • type of business (sole, partnership, ltd, mobile vehicle, other)
Download form

After you've applied

We may contact you if we require clarification or if we think you are suitable for a training course. Alternatively, an officer will visit to inspect your premises in due course.

We will investigate your food business within 28 days from when you start trading.

Contact us

  • Kirklees Council - Environmental Services
  • Address Flint Street, Fartown, Huddersfield, HD1 6LG
  • Phone 01484 414739
  • Email
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