Find out about support available for you and your family if you have ever served in the armed forces.

Help with housing, employment, health and wellbeing are just some of the issues that organisations across Kirklees can help people with.

Armed forces personnel saluting. Photo: Sgt Andy Malthouse ABIPP/MOD

Types of support

Benefits advice and pensions
Employment support
Family support
Health services including dentists
Housing, homelessness
Support to reservists
Forces charities

Support including housing, finances, benefit advice, healthcare and help to get back into work, for individuals and families who have been part of (or are still part of) the Armed Forces or Reservist Community:

  • Royal British Legion
  • Cobseo (The Confederation of Service Charities)
  • Veterans Gateway
  • Support for front line workers

    Life Force Kirklees

    Guidance on working with armed forces veterans for community based support agencies including the voluntary sector, services provided by the NHS, local authorities, GPs and charities.

    Kirklees Armed Forces Covenant

    The Armed Forces Covenant is a voluntary statement of mutual support between a civilian community and its local Armed Forces Community. This Covenant encompasses the moral obligation between the Nation, the Government and the Armed Forces, at the local level.

    The Armed Forces Covenant is based upon two key principles:

    • The Armed Forces community should not face disadvantage compared to other citizens in the provision of public and commercial services
    • Special consideration is appropriate in some cases, especially for those who have given most such as the injured and the bereaved.

    Kirklees Armed Forces Covenant