Thank you for showing an interest in working for Kirklees Council. We want everyone who works with us to enjoy working here and provide the best possible services to our communities.

Why we need behaviours

We want you to enjoy working here and provide the best possible services to our communities.

We know that kind, positive employees, who work well with their colleagues in a flexible way are those who are most productive and therefore will help us achieve our goals.

By demonstrating the behaviours we have said we would like to see in our colleagues, we can create a great place to work.

What we mean by behaviour

Behaviours demonstrate the attitudes and approach we take to our work. They are:

  • How we do things
  • How we treat each other
  • What we say and how we say it
  • How we expect to be treated
  • How we work together
  • Our approach to our work

It's basically treating others as they would wish to be treated - with dignity.

Behaviour and expectation levels

  • Level 1 - for all employees in any role
  • Level 2 - for supervisors, first line managers and those who are on Grades 8 to 12. It includes Level 1
  • Level 3 - for middle and senior managers and those on Grade 13 and above, it includes Levels 1 and 2

How they work

We have six behaviours for every member of staff, no matter where you work in the Council. Each behaviour is divided into three levels with scripts describing them.

The six core behaviours are:


I am sincere and genuine towards my colleagues, dependable, reliable and consistent in approach. I work in an open way with integrity, trusting colleagues and being non-judgemental.

All Employees Supervisor and First Line Manager (plus G8-G12) Middle and Senior Manager (plus G13 and above
I am a genuine person and work in an open way so that others can see that I am honest. My team trust me to do the right thing. I show appreciation for my team and trust them to do the right thing
I trust other people and share useful information with them I demonstrate integrity and work to high professional standards. I encourage my team members to recognise and trust individual contributions
I am consistent and reliable at work so that colleagues and customers know where they stand with me. I react calmly to situations. I am known as a role model for being honest and trustworthy.
I don't judge and I respond to others as humans and without prejudice. I answer questions honestly. I encourage others to develop their own integrity and standards.
I trust my team to do the best they can. I engage with colleagues and communities in an open and forthright manner, but I am sensitive to others needs.
I know when I can't tell my team things but I am honest with them about that. I am aware of emotional intelligence and use it in my dealings with colleagues.

When honesty is not demonstrated

  • I am distrustful and suspicious of others and look for the hidden meaning in their actions
  • I am inconsistent in my behaviour
  • Others cannot depend on me
  • I sometimes say things that are untrue
  • I work in a closed manner and don't share information or knowledge
  • I keep myself to myself and divulge little about anything
  • I judge others quickly based on assumptions or prejudice rather than the truth
  • I micro-manage my team as I can't trust them to do a good job


I work in a professional way with energy and commitment. I am confident and passionate about my work and I am motivated to do my best. I inspire and motivate others and act as a good role model to those around me.

All Employees Supervisor and First Line Manager (plus G8-G12) Middle and Senior Manager (plus G13 and above
I am a ‘can do’ person. My team is motivated and keen to do a good job. I am a professional role model to my teams.
I enjoy my work and do my best I am very committed to my work, but achieve a good work/home balance. I inspire and motivate my teams
People like to work with me and customers ask for me. I volunteer for things at work. Others want to follow me when I talk about the way forward.
Others see me as an inspiration. Others copy my management style. I am prepared to put in the effort needed to do a really good job, without spending all my time at work
I am seen as very professional in the way that I work. I know the job I have to do and the way I need to do it. I am positive about the future of the Council and I describe it enthusiastically internally and externally.
I speak about my work and the council with enthusiasm. When faced with negativity I can turn it on its head and help others to do the same.
I welcome challenge that’s constructive.

When positivity is not demonstrated

  • I tend to see things as half empty and people often tell me to cheer up
  • This is just a job anyone can do, it’s nothing special
  • I do not volunteer to do anything other than my specific job
  • I keep my head down and just get on with my work
  • I find positive people really hard work
  • I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, but I know it won’t be any better
  • If people are negative I join in with their feelings and enjoy a good moan
  • I find it hard to encourage others


I am resourceful and versatile, able to adapt to changes in work and in my surroundings. I can compromise as necessary and I am willing to be flexible when needed. I am resilient and self-aware.

All Employees Supervisor and First Line Manager (plus G8-G12) Middle and Senior Manager (plus G13 and above
I look for ways to do my job better. I can resolve problems in a creative way. I persuade others to embrace and understand change.
I adapt quickly if I have to work elsewhere or on something different. I embrace change and look for the positives in new ways of working. I resolve complex problems in a creative but practical way.
I can appreciate both sides of an argument. I have my own opinions but I can compromise on many things. I am known as a role model for being resilient
I know what I am good at and what I am not so good at. I bounce back quite easily if I am knocked back. I am confident and versatile when negotiating.
I am happy to fit in where necessary. I encourage my team to think of different ways to solve problems. I know my strengths and I am working on my developmental areas.
With few resources I can make things happen. I can turn my hand to most management roles.

When flexibility is not demonstrated

  • I want to do my job in the way I have always done it
  • I want things and people to stay the same
  • I get annoyed if I don’t get my own way
  • When things go wrong for me I am down for a long time
  • I find it hard to see other’s points of view
  • I find it difficult to see other ways of doing something or solving a problem
  • I don’t really know what I am good at, or not so good at
  • I don’t like it when people in my team challenge me


I am courteous to customers and colleagues and considerate of others feelings. I respect those I work with as well as being respectful to my environment, the information and the equipment I work with. I take pride in my work and in my Council, treating people with dignity.

All Employees Supervisor and First Line Manager (plus G8-G12) Middle and Senior Manager (plus G13 and above
I am customer focused and polite With customers and colleagues I go the extra mile to help I respect the culture and needs of those I work with
I look after the clothes and equipment that work provides for me I respect the feelings of my colleagues and treat them accordingly I promote ways of working that protect our environment
I am careful with information, thinking carefully about who can see what and how I secure it I adhere to data protection rules and ensure my team does the same I promote pride in our work for the council both internally and externally
I treat people according to their needs I recycle and car share whenever possible I believe in equality of opportunity and encourage others to embrace this in all aspects of their work
I think carefully about protecting the environment I work in I encourage my team to have a clean and tidy work area I promote customer focused ways of working throughout my teams
I am aware and considerate of others' feelings

When respect is not demonstrated

  • If someone is angry with me, I am angry back at them
  • I share data with everyone, but do not think of the consequences
  • I am untidy in a way that causes problems for others
  • I don’t really think too much about my colleagues’ feelings
  • I treat everyone in exactly the same way
  • I only promote and support those I like
  • I don’t believe in doing any more than I have to


I communicate simply, clearly and concisely to make sure I am understood. When delegating to and empowering others I am clear with my expectations and I still assume the responsibility. I listen carefully and actively. I am engaging and visionary as a communicator to large groups.

All Employees Supervisor and First Line Manager (plus G8-G12) Middle and Senior Manager (plus G13 and above
I use fully the media available to me that's appropriate to my work. I summarise complex information to make it understandable. I encourage my team to feedback and provide challenge.
I communicate relevant information regularly and effectively. I delegate work appropriately, ensuring that I am clear with timescales and what I expect. I actively listen and check my understanding.
I change my communication style to meet the needs of my audience and check they understand me. I update my team regularly. I evaluate the effectiveness of my communication.
I use language that is accessible and non-judgemental I break down barriers to .communication whenever I can. I am confident in speaking to large groups.
I listen carefully. I encourage feedback. I am politically sensitive when speaking.
I prepare well when speaking to groups and I am clear and positive. I can engage with the media and know how to come over on screen/radio.
I can describe a vision and carry people with me with confidence.

When good communication is not demonstrated

  • I over-complicate my work, creating bureaucracy and causing frustration
  • I communicate in a way that confuses the message
  • I do not think about the audience before I send or present my message
  • I am not careful or sensitive with information
  • I overload others with written communication
  • I confuse people when I explain things
  • I do not think of the wider picture when I write or present reports
  • I do not ask for feedback
  • I do not fully use or understand the technology available to me to communicate


I support and help my colleagues by being a team player and listening to them. I make people feel valued by showing compassion, kindness and empathy. I give recognition when it is due and have good working relationships so that people know I am approachable.

All Employees Supervisor and First Line Manager (plus G8-G12) Middle and Senior Manager (plus G13 and above
I am kind to my colleagues I work with my peers and share best practice I am supportive of my manager as well as those who report to me
People approach me and I will listen I recognise those in the team who put in the effort and I praise them I am quick to praise those who do well
I help others when they are struggling I build and foster good working relationships with my team I know when to coach and when to advise
I am willing to work with my team to make sure we all do a good job I encourage my team to help each other out I delegate and provide the proper support along with it
I try to understand other people's point of view I show empathy and compassion towards colleagues I foster inter-departmental working and idea sharing
I empower others whilst providing the support they need I am willing to mentor others across the Council

When supportiveness is not demonstrated

  • I look the other way if someone has a problem at work
  • I jump in and tell people what to do rather than help them find their own solution
  • I only want to work on my own and on my own work
  • I do not think people should share their problems with others
  • If my team is failing I want to prove it's not down to me
  • I don't believe in praising people, they are only doing their job
  • Having to develop others is not a part of my job that I enjoy
Council expectations of employees
All Employees Supervisor and First Line Manager (plus G8-G12) Middle and Senior Manager (plus G13 and above
I take responsibility for my own development because I want to be the best I can be. I encourage people to learn and grow. I actively support I champion a culture of learning throughout the organisation
I am a can do person. I take responsibility for my own work and I support colleagues when needed so we get the job done. I empower people because I give them clarity about what I expect I acknowledge the leadership responsibility I hold and operate with a high degree of integrity and trust
I am not perfect but I model the behaviours most of the time I set a good example by role-modelling the behaviours every day I role-model and champion the behaviours within the Council and when representing the Council externally
I build good working relationships across the council. We are one team. I collaborate with teams both inside and outside the Council so that together we achieve agreed outcomes I build positive relationships with partners and all our services to create connections across the whole system
I am proud to work for the Council. I care about the difference we make for local people. What is important to local people is important to me. I understand the political context and how we are accountable. I work well with citizens and politicians to manage expectations and achieve the best outcomes for local people
I am creative, I look for ways to support people to do more for themselves and each other I manage change every day. I work hard to take people with us on our journey to We're Kirklees. I set out and communicate clearly the long term vision, outcomes and expectations
I take positive steps to manage my wellbeing and will seek support when needed I manage performance all year round and always do appraisals I have strong national and regional networks. I bring in new ideas and ways of working
I don't whinge - it is not about them, it's about all of us. I always aim to be productive and I do what I can to help the Council save money I manage and support people really well. I value the diverse contributions they each bring to the team I value the knowledge, expertise and contributions of all staff. I draw on service specialists to increase understanding and maximise opportunities
I show initiative and offer my thoughts on how we can do things differently, but I respect that others have greater responsibility than I do I am part of leading team Kirklees, problems are for us to solve together I am prepared to take difficult decisions and accept responsibility when I make mistakes
I keep up to date with new ways of working so I have the knowledge and skills to do my job well I deliver on time and on budget and my staff do too I encourage creativity and experimentation. I find ways to unblock and minimise red tape to get things done
I treat people with dignity and respect. I understand that different perspectives add value to what we do I have an approachable style. My staff feel able to talk to me about issues impacting on them at work I am accessible and visible to the wider workforce because relationships matter to me