We can search for a grave with up to 3 names.

Prior to 1995 our computerised records are minimal and we usually do a manual search of the registers.

Most of our older records are available to view on microfiche by contacting the Kirklees Local Studies Library.


We charge £44 to search.

We can't guarantee that after paying for the search we will find the grave.

Ask us to search for a grave

Fill in our simple online form and pay by cheque or by phone

Clock Completing this form takes around 5 minutes.

Paperclip You must have this information to make your request:

  • Full name and age of the deceased
  • Date of death or burial
  • Cemetery where they are buried
Request a search

After you've sent your request

We aim to respond within 2 weeks.

We will check our records and will let you know what information is recorded.

We will send maps showing the location of the grave if requested.

You can request a wooden marker to be placed to mark the grave in the cemetery. There is a price for the marker: Cemetery fees and charges