Burial or interment of a full body can be carried out by family or next of kin but usually involves a funeral director who is familiar with the process.

Advice on dealing with a burial without a funeral director:

You need a grave

If you already have an existing grave you need the deed and the permission of the living grave owner.

You may need to Transfer ownership of a grave.

Otherwise you need to Buy a grave

If using a funeral director they will guide you through this process.

Public or shared graves

We offer shared graves for the burial of infants that have died prior to birth.

This is a free service offered to Kirklees residents.

The graves are usually multi-faith with a number of infants in each grave. The style of grave determines how many infants share each grave.

The body must be in a biodegradable casket or coffin

It must be marked with the full name of the deceased and their age at the time of death.

Many materials are available, such as traditional wooden coffins, wicker, felt or cardboard.

Fees and charges

Bereavement Services Fees and Charges

When using a funeral director our fees and charges will normally be invoiced to them, or you can arrange to pay directly to us.

Complete a Notice of Interment

  • We must receive this form and other paperwork at least 48 work hours prior to the service time. This is to check it is correct and make any amendments prior to the funeral. It may include:
    • a Certificate for Burial or Cremation or a Certificate of Stillbirth from the Registrar of Births and Deaths;
    • or a Coroners Order for Burial from the Coroner's office;
    • or a certificate of Non-viability from the hospital.
  • We prefer it if you send them attached to an email.
  • You can then give the originals (with any outstanding payment) to the Registrar before the service starts in the cemetery.

How to complete a Notice of Interment

Download the form and send it to us

Clock Completing this form takes around 15 minutes.

Paperclip You must know the exact external measurements of the container prior to the preparation of the grave or plot.

Download form

After you've sent the Notice of Interment to us

You must arrange the date of burial or interment.

Arranging the date of burial or interment

Contact Bereavement Services first to book a time and date for the burial.

Appointments (subject to availability) are between:

  • 9:30am and 3:30pm, Monday to Thursday
  • 9:30am to 1:30pm on a Friday.

Decide if you want a service and if so, contact a relevant minister or celebrant, or you may wish to proceed without.

What to expect on the day

At the agreed time you will be met at the grave side by the Kirklees Registrar.

They will have made the necessary checks on the preparation of the grave and will check the details on the casket or coffin match the paperwork supplied.

The coffin bearers will lower the coffin into the grave.

After any service, the grave can be backfilled while you are in attendance or this can be completed after you leave the cemetery.

The Registrar will ensure that the grave is left in a secure and tidy condition prior to leaving the cemetery.

When they return to the office, will ensure that all records are updated accordingly and the deed returned to the registered grave owner.