We are currently receiving a high volume of calls and emails

Owing to increased demand for our service during the summer months, we are currently receiving a high volume of calls and emails. It may take longer than usual for us to respond. Please rest assured we will be in touch as soon as possible, but to assist us in getting back to everyone, we would kindly ask that you do not contact us again unless your situation has changed for the worst, or you have further information about your case. Thank you for your patience.

There are several different ways of dealing with the problem of nuisance neighbours. These are the options:

Speak to the person causing the problem

They may respond better to a polite word from you rather than a visit from a council official.

Contact us if you would like to discuss this, or need help to plan the best way to do it.

Write to the person causing the problem

They may respond better to a polite letter from you rather than an official one from the council.

Here is a Sample letter to send to your neighbour which includes some of the points that you could use.

Use a mediation service

This can prove effective in finding long-term solutions to neighbour issues and it can avoid the possible unpleasantness that may arise if the council becomes involved and has to take formal action.

Yorkshire Mediation is an independent organisation offers a confidential dispute resolution service across Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield. Contact them if you think you would benefit from mediation.

Complain to Homes and Neighbourhoods or registered social landlords

If you live in a house managed by the council, or if the problems come from a council tenant, action may be taken under the terms of the tenancy agreement. Homes and Neighbourhoods will be able to give you advice on this: Contact Homes and Neighbourhoods

Similar action may be taken by registered social landlords if their tenants are in breach of tenancy conditions.

Complain to Kirklees Pollution and Noise Control Team

We can investigate complaints of nuisance where activity at one property affects people living nearby.

How to complain to us

Contact us

After you've complained

We will visit your neighbour and/or write to them telling them we have received a complaint and explain their responsibilities about nuisance. We do not tell them the name of the person who has complained at this stage.

If the problem continues

  • We will ask you to keep written records which help us to try to witness the problem and enable us to take formal action. You can record them on this Complaints record sheet. Make sure you record:
    • the date
    • start and finish times
    • description of the nuisance
    • where it is coming from
    • how if affects you
  • Formal action may be by a legal notice and ultimately prosecution.

If the case goes to court

  • We may require you to be a witness and may not be able to keep the complaint anonymous.
  • You may have to give evidence in a court of law against the person causing the problem.

Consult a solicitor

You could use a solicitor to write a letter on your behalf to the person causing the problem or to give you legal advice.

Take your own legal action

You can take your own legal action in the Magistrates' Court. We have an information booklet about how to do this. Contact us if you would like a copy of it.

Contact West Yorkshire Police

The Police deal with certain types of neighbour problems such as those involving violence, or threatening behaviour.

  • Police (non-emergency)
  • Phone 101

Contact us

  • Pollution and Noise Team
  • Address Flint Street, Huddersfield, HD1 6LG
  • Phone 01484414739
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