The community trigger is designed to give victims of anti-social behaviour (ASB) the right to request a review of their case and bring agencies together to take a joined up, problem solving approach to find a solution.

A community trigger can be requested by a victim of anti-social behaviour or someone acting on their behalf, for example a family member, friend, carer, councillor or other professional.

The trigger cannot be used to report general acts of crime, including hate crime.

Activating the community trigger

The community trigger can be used:

  1. if you have complained to Kirklees Council, the police and/or a registered housing provider (social landlord) on no more than 3 occasions about separate incidents in the last 6 months; or
  2. you consider that the behaviour is persistent, or has caused harm, or no effective action has been taken by relevant authorities.

The anti-social behaviour must have been reported to the relevant agency within 1 month of the alleged incident taking place and the application to use the trigger must be made within 6 months of the first report.

How to make a community trigger report

Fill in our online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 15 minutes.

Paperclip You need to provide:

  • the date of each anti-social behaviour report or complaint
  • Who and which organisations you made the reports to (person's name, organisation and/or incident reference number)
  • information about the anti-social behaviour
  • how the reports have been responded to.
Make a community trigger report

After you've made your report

  • You will receive an email acknowledgement within 5 days
  • Agencies (known as the Governing Bodies) will decide whether the threshold has been met
  • The threshold decision will be made by managers from West Yorkshire Police, West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and Kirklees Council
  • This decision will be made within 10 working days and you will be informed of the decision.
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If the threshold is met

  • A case review will be undertaken by the Governing Bodies and relevant partner agencies
  • The group will review how agencies have responded
  • The review includes the sharing of information, reviewing actions already taken, and if necessary, make recommendations on how the problem may be resolved
  • This case review will take place within 28 days of the threshold decision being made
  • You will be contacted with the outcome of the case review and any recommendations made
  • The recommendations are likely to take the form of an action plan to resolve the anti-social behaviour.

If the threshold is not met

  • You will be contacted and informed of the reasons why the threshold has not been met
  • Alternative options will be discussed.

Appealing a community trigger decision

Each victim has the right to appeal the decisions made by the panel.

They can request representation throughout the process by the Victims and Hate Crime Officer.

Please send appeals to:

  • Safer Kirklees Manager
  • Email
  • Address Safer Kirklees, Dewsbury Town Hall, Wakefield Old Road, Dewsbury, WF12 8DG

Community trigger statistics


  • Number of community triggers: 22
  • Threshold met: 2
  • Threshold not met: 20
  • Number of reviews: 0
  • Reviews leading to recommendations: 3


  • Number of community triggers: 10
  • Threshold met: 0
  • Threshold not met: 10
  • Number of reviews: 4
  • Reviews leading to recommendations: 3


  • Number of community triggers: 1
  • Threshold met: 1
  • Threshold not met: 0
  • Number of reviews: 1
  • Reviews leading to recommendations: 1


  • Number of community triggers: 7
  • Threshold met: 0
  • Threshold not met: 7
  • Number of reviews: 3
  • Reviews leading to recommendations: 0


  • Number of community triggers: 2
  • Threshold met: 0
  • Threshold not met: 2
  • Number of reviews: 2
  • Reviews leading to recommendations: 1


  • Number of community triggers: 3
  • Threshold met: 1
  • Threshold not met: 2
  • Number of reviews: 2
  • Reviews leading to recommendations: 2
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