Care leavers

As corporate parents, we want our children and young people to experience happy, healthy, and successful lives. Our commitment to you is to ensure we provide you with the right support at the right time and to make sure that you know about all the services we have in Kirklees that are available for you. Your Personal Advisor will talk to you about the information in this offer but if you have any questions or if you feel you need something different, just ask them.

Education, training and employment

We take your education seriously and want you to achieve at the highest level you can. This is why we will work hard to support you through whatever education or training you decide to take on. Whether this is supporting you through an apprenticeship, helping you gain work related qualifications or supporting you for up to four years through university. We will help you achieve your goals.

We can offer you the following:

  • One-to-one support from virtual school post 18
  • Pastoral support for care leavers in Kirklees College
  • Pastoral support for care leavers at Huddersfield University
  • Support from the care leavers careers advisor
  • Guaranteed interviews for council apprenticeships providing you meet the criteria
  • Pre-apprenticeship qualification at Kirklees College
  • Financial incentives to support you to remain in education and higher education.

Health and wellbeing

Your health and wellbeing matter to us. When we talk about your health, we don't just mean exercising or eating healthy food. Health also covers things like how you feel about yourself, how you manage your emotions, whether you have good sexual health and whether you know where to go for support with your health if you are struggling. There are different services available in Kirklees and your Personal Advisor will be able to signpost you in the right direction to access those services.

We can offer you the following:

  • Access to a looked after children's nurse
  • Access to contraception, pregnancy testing and sexual health screening
  • Access to "The BASE" drug and alcohol support via referral
  • Access to our Emotional Wellbeing clinic
  • Mood Boosters, a weekly emotional support group
  • Access to your care leavers health journey and summary of your health history
  • Access to a specialist mental health practitioner
  • Access to a free leisure activity and a similar offer if you live out of area.

Accommodation and where you live

There are different housing options available in Kirklees, some with support included and some without. Ultimately, you will decide what accommodation to accept but we will be considering your needs and your level of independent living skills to ensure the accommodation offered to you is suitable and appropriate. We will also liaise with housing on your behalf to ensure your views are listened to and accounted for throughout the process.

We can offer you the following:

  • Advice and support to help you be ready for independent living
  • Tenancy ready training in conjunction with Kirklees Homes and Neighbourhoods
  • As a care leaver who is tenancy ready you will be given priority banding and will be able to bid on properties in the areas of Kirklees that you would like to live on choose 'n' move
  • We offer advice and support to prevent you from becoming homeless
  • A staying put agreement that can support you to remain living with your foster carers (An easy read guide is available from your PA or social worker)
  • Financial support to gain private rented accommodation
  • Support to access student accommodation
  • You will have access to your leaving care grant to purchase items for your property. Your Personal Advisor will support you with this
  • Council tax exemption living in Kirklees or similar entitlement if you live out of the area
  • Additional support to reduce the risk of homelessness

Your finances and important documents

We will try and help you stay on top of your finances by helping you to budget and letting you know about opportunities to build on your budgeting skills.

We can offer you the following:

  • Financial support with setting up your home
  • Helping you with the cost of going to university
  • Buying necessary equipment for education, training or work
  • A gift for special occasions such as a birthday or religious celebration
  • Support on how to claim universal credit . You will be offered a bridging payment at the same rate as universal credit until your claim is processed
  • Support can also be offered at times of hardship.

There is an easy read guide available from your PA to give you further information on finances you are entitles to.

Your important documents

You will need various documents and forms of identification to do things like apply for housing, apply to college, claim benefits and open a bank account. To make sure you have everything you need, we will support you with obtaining the following (if you have not already received these whilst you were looked after).

  • Your national insurance number
  • Your first passport
  • Your birth certificate
  • A provisional driving license if you need this for employment, training, or education.

We will keep copies of these documents and keep them safe for you. However, at certain times you will need the original documents, for example, when you set up a bank account. Once we have given you your documents, it is your responsibility to keep them safe. If you don't have a safe place to store your documents, speak to your Personal Advisor and we will look after them for you.

Your relationships

It is important to us that you have good established relationships as you prepare for independence.

We can offer you the following:

  • Your personal advisor will form part of your support network
  • Once you reach the age of 18, you are free to contact your family unless there are any specific legal restrictions in place, and it is safe for you to do so
  • We will work with you to promote family time with family and friends that are important to you
  • We also provide an advocacy service for you to access in case you want or need extra support (e.g. with your reviews). This support can be accessed by emailing Email
  • The Children's Rights team can also put you in contact with independent visitors.

Keeping in touch with you

Your Personal Advisor will contact you regularly. This will usually be at least once every 8 weeks, although sometimes a different arrangement might be made. You will meet up at a frequency agreed with your Personal Advisor, this will depend on how much support you need at the time. For example, if you are moving into your own flat you will probably need a lot of support to get settled. As you get older and more independent, you may feel that you don't need as much contact and support from us and the number of visits may become less frequent.

How you can keep in touch with us

We love getting your feedback and our Children's Rights Team are your first point of contact to have your say.

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Complaints and Compliments Service

We also have a Complaints and Compliments Service in Kirklees which you can access via the following means:

Information about making a complaint about children's social care can be found on our Children and Young People's Service compliments and complaints page.

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