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A naming ceremony is a very special way of celebrating the arrival of your child and welcoming them into the family and the wider community.

It is a good opportunity to declare, before family and friends, your promise to be a good parent, and for adult friends or relatives to confirm their special relationship with your child.

Naming ceremonies do not have any legal status. The commemorative certificate issued is not intended for use and is unlikely to be accepted as proof of identity.

Organising a naming ceremony

Any parent, or anyone else who has parental responsibility or legal guardianship of a child, can arrange a naming ceremony. Parents do not have to be married.

A naming ceremony is not just for babies, children of any age can have a naming ceremony. You may wish to include your older children in the ceremony as well as a new child.

A fully trained professional celebrant from Kirklees Council will carry out the ceremony according to the choices you make. The venue, number of guests, involvement of other friends or relatives and ceremony content can be chosen to create a personalized event.


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