Winter maintenance is an important role for our Streetscene and Housing Service. We carry out winter maintenance to allow all road users to move about as safely as possible and to help minimise delays caused by adverse weather conditions.

Our winter maintenance service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is in place whenever the weather demands.

Service disruption

14 roads are reported to be disrupted.

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Get ready for Winter

Are you ready for the weather this Winter?

Thinking ahead and preparing for what the weather may bring can make a real difference at this time of year.

The Met Office have advice to help you prepare for and cope with severe weather.


Emergency flooding number

  • Phone 01484 414700

Gritting updates, routes and bins

Gritting update

We will be doing a grit across our normal gritting network from 6pm. The forecast overnight is subject to change so we will be keeping an eye on things with our night patrol.

Last updated: 20/02/2020 12:22:40


Weather forecast

Lingering rain and hill snow early this afternoon will move away to leave sunshine and a few showers, wintry on the hills. Turning colder. Chilly this evening with occasional showers, wintry on the hills. Wintry showers becoming isolated overnight as the wind strengthens and backs southwest, with rain arriving in the west later. A very strong west to southwest wind will prevail for much of the day. Eastern districts will experience some drier and brighter interludes, but heavy rain will often affect the west. Mild. Road conditions: Any lingering rain and hill snow (above 200m - perhaps with brief accumulations) will clear early this afternoon. Showers will then follow in the wake of the main rain band, these turning wintry at elevations above around 150- 200 metres, perhaps with slight accumulations in places. Road surface temperatures erratic when wintry precip occurs, falling to around zero in heavier showers. The showers will tend to ease in number overnight, with road surface temperatures falling close to or below zero with icy patches. Cloud increasing later with road surface temperatures tending to rise. High confidence in the weather pattern but lower in the road surface temperatures behaviour due to the wintry showers, which will make then erratic.

Last updated: 20/02/2020 12:22:01

Emergency numbers

  • Emergency adverse weather
  • Phone 01484 414888

We will support anyone who is identified as at risk because of adverse weather conditions.

If you can't get to an urgent hospital appointment, and it can't be postponed, ask the hospital to ring this number to ask for our help.

  • Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH)
  • Phone 01484 414886

If you are concerned about a vulnerable neighbour who is a Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing (KNH) tenant they will arrange for someone to check in on them.

  • Emergency problems on the roads
  • Phone 01484 414700


Winter driving checklist

Housing emergency plan

Get involved

Clear a pavement or public path

Don't be put off from clearing snow or ice from a pavement or other public place because you're afraid someone will be injured.

Remember, people walking on snow and ice are responsible for their own safety. Check the Met Office advice for more information and guidance to help you clear the area safely.

Check on neighbours or relatives

It's particularly important to check on those who are elderly or unwell to see if they need anything. Offer to clear their paths or, if they cannot leave their homes, pick up some shopping or a prescription for example.

The council and its partners have special arrangements to make sure that vulnerable people are provided with the help they need in severe winter weather.

Help your local school

Kirklees schools do all they can to stay open during severe weather so they appreciate any offers of help to clear paths and make the school grounds and entrances as safe as possible.

To get involved, please contact your local school now and leave your contact details so they can ask for your help if the need arises.

Join a local self-help group

Could you spare some time to help clear snow close to the homes of vulnerable people? Or help to clear pavements outside community centres so that support services such as lunch clubs can still be made available?

The council provides grit and guidance for these invaluable groups who help to protect the most vulnerable members in our communities. Get in touch with your local ward councillors to find out more about self-help groups in your area.

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