School closures

No schools are reported to be closed today.

Road closures

No roads are reported to be closed today.

Library closures

No libraries are reported to to be closed today.

Council services

No council services are reported to be disrupted today.

If sports pitches need to be closed for weekend games we will update this page by Thursday 5pm.


Weather forecast

Rain spreading into the area from the west this afternoon and becoming more widespread, with occasional heavy bursts as well. It will be windy for a time, but easing off later. Rain this evening and for a time tonight but this will clear away with the winds easing somewhat, at the same time. A drier second half of the night with some clear spells and just the odd shower. A much drier day to come tomorrow and although breezy, it will be less windy compared with today. There will be sunny spells throughout with just the small chance of a shower, most likely later on. Road conditions: A chilly night but road surface temperatures are expected to stay above zero. High confidence

Last updated: 18/12/2018 13:35:59