School closures

No schools are reported to be closed today.

Road closures

No roads are reported to be closed today.

Library closures

No libraries are reported to to be closed today.

Council services

No council services are reported to be disrupted today.

If sports pitches need to be closed for weekend games we will update this page by Thursday 5pm.


Weather forecast

Another chilly afternoon is expected. It should be dry throughout and there will be further sunny spells but cloud will tend to increase. Gentle south-easterly winds. Tonight will be cold with clear spells giving way to thicker cloud, which could bring patchy rain and snow later. The wind will start gentle but will become moderate to fresh by the end of the night. Cold and increasingly windy with spells of rain and snow becoming widespread and heavy. The snow is most likely away from the lowest ground but some will fall to lower levels, especially later. Road conditions: Tonight will be cold - cloud amounts will be rather variable, and so road surface temperatures may be erratic - however, they are expected to all close to or below zero, but confidence is low on their behavior due to the variable cloud amounts. Tomorrow, rain and sleet, perhaps with some snow, is expected to spread erratically in from the south-west. There is the risk of some settling, especially above around 100-150 meters - low confidence.

Last updated: 14/12/2018 12:22:38