School closures

No schools are reported to be closed today.

Road closures

No roads are reported to be closed today.

Library closures

No libraries are reported to be closed today.

Council services

No council services are reported to be disrupted today.


Weather forecast

This morning will have outbreaks of rain with some wintriness across higher ground. This afternoon will see further spells of rain. Tonight will be mostly cloudy but the rain will gradually die away. Thursday is likely to see rain move in for a time during the morning but this will then clear westwards to leave it dry with sunny spells. Chilly tonight with Road surface temperatures only dipping to zero where snow/sleet falls on the very highest roads. Confidence is low on the details of snow. Snow summary: Wednesday 0600 - 1200: Some wet snow still possible above 400-450metres but accumulations are not expected. Wednesday 1800 - Thursday 0000: Some wet snow possible above 400metres but with no accumulations expected

Last updated: 22/03/2017 13:21:42

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