If you find a stray dog

Contact lost and found

If you would like to keep the dog

You must still Contact lost and found.

You must keep it for one month. You will receive a legal notice confirming it is your property for this period. If the owner of the dog is found then they have a legal right to the dog back.

If a dog is roaming

If you know the owner and you are willing to give a statement, Contact the Greenspace Action Team.

If you have lost your dog

Contact lost and found, explain the circumstances of where and when you last saw your dog, and give as detailed a description of it as possible.

These details are checked with the found and seized dog register. If your dog has been picked up, you will be told which boarding kennel it has been taken to, and the likely costs of reclaiming your dog.

Details of your dog will be kept on record in case it is picked up after your call.

Contact lost and found

Contact the Greenspace Action Team

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