If a neighbour's dog is always barking it may be best to contact them first. They may be totally unaware that their dog is causing a problem to others and will often appreciate the opportunity to put things right before anyone else becomes involved.

If you cannot approach your neighbours, make a complaint to us.

Complain about a barking dog

Fill in our simple online form.

Clock Completing this form takes around 10 minutes

Paperclip We are unable to investigate anonymous complaints. If you make a complaint your details are kept confidential. See our privacy statement

Report it

After you've reported it

  • An officer will be assigned to deal with your complaint
  • They will tell the owner of the dog(s) that a complaint has been made and give them advice about how best to resolve the problem
  • They will write to you to confirm that they have spoken with the owner
  • In most cases this first approach resolves the matter

If the problem continues

Report it again.

  • The officer will now investigate the matter formally
  • They will write to the owners to tell them they have received further complaints and that they are now investigating it formally
  • You will need to gather evidence about the time and frequency of the dog barking and how it affects your use of your property.
  • Fill in a Record of alleged dog barking nuisance and send it to us so we can determine the extent of the problem. Guide to completing the record of alleged dog barking form
  • The officer will review your record sheet to decide the best way to assess the dog(s) barking
  • Normally this is done from inside your property so we can determine how it is affecting you. We may visit or we may install sound monitoring equipment

If the barking is considered a statutory nuisance

We serve an Abatement Notice on the dog owner to stop the nuisance happening again.

We normally give the owner a reasonable period of time to achieve this so the notice will not come into force immediately.

If the barking doesn't stop after the notice has come into force and we witness it, we may consider formal action such as prosecuting the owner of the dog in the Magistrates' Court.

If the barking isn't considered a statutory nuisance

We can provide you with an information pack on how you may take your own action in the Magistrates' Court.